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Date:2009-01-13 15:06
Subject:its been a while..

Okay so... since september i've been doing better in school.(kinda), i turned 17,i had an alright chistmas, a horrible new years and school is becoming completely stupid to me...

every one is so imature about things and so stupid... whatever...

i tired and i dont feel like typing but whatever nothing new anyway.. =/

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Date:2008-09-10 15:26
Subject:poliosis... what a shame

oh and amandas a whore.

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Date:2008-07-15 21:05
Subject:why you bringing him up?, you lemon....
Mood: chipper

      Today I had a blast baby sitting and i have to do it again tomorrow!! I'm glad someone can trust me with their kids! lol I've been looking for a babysitting job or some job that i get something in return. But yea, its was totally awesome.
         So yesterday i was informed by my grandma that i might have a chance to go to Florida this summer with the little time left.  Today when i got home for baby sitting my mom was on the phone with my grandma and then she gave the phone to me. I was practically jumping up and down when she told me they had flights for this Monday!!!!!  I'm so excited to have a vacation of my own.
     Anyway i just had to blurt that out. Off to do other boring crap.

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Date:2008-06-17 09:41
Subject:sping is over and summer is near..

Ok so ive been doing alot better lately.
I GOT MY BELLY BUTTON PIERCED!  School is almost over and im so excited for summer.

I really dont have much to write but yea..
sweet summer everyone! =D

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Date:2008-05-22 17:01

Soooo... everything is going awsome!
im doing all my work in school,taking care of my self,and feeling great!

i dont know what it is but its working.     =D

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Date:2008-05-18 22:04

i dont need you.your not even worth it.

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Date:2008-05-09 17:10
Subject:cant wait for summer.
Mood: disappointed

I dont know why but all of a sudden im in a really pissy mood.

everyone keeps asking me if im going to prom and i really wish i was saying yes... not that i have anyone that i would be going with its just that i want to go again,i had so much fun last year. okay so i do really wish a this guy asked me but we only started talking about a few days ago.i hate it when you get to know a guy but you alreday have one on your mind..and when you have on on your mind and you forget about him for someone else.everything is so confusing lately like i feel like such a skank saying this but i like 3 different guys right now... one of them i barely know so lets just say hes out of the question. that makes 2,just as bad. i dont really know what to do about it.

School is going downhill.. i keep getting e-mails about my grades and everyone knows thats not good. I dont want to tell my dad about it even though im sure he gets them too.

Im still thinking about the whole belly button piercing thing. I really want it but my mom is still against it. Like ive lost weight in the past maybe 2 weeks and my main focus is the love handles so that its not that akward. Ive done some research and it says it hurts more when you have a tight stomach so ther for i want to get it now so i can work out and look better by next month.(the beginning of summer) Plus it needs to heal so i can go swimming, which takes about 4 to 6 months. so eaither way if i do get it anytime soon i cant go swimming this summer...

well going to get ready for dinner.

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Date:2008-04-24 14:43
Mood: annoyed

people seriously need to get there stories strait. 

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Date:2008-04-20 10:20
Subject:ok soo...
Mood: annoyed

torchwood friggin sucked!!!
im so pissed off like i didnt expect that to happen. Im gonna still watch it but like just the fact that my favorite charactor is gone kinda pisses me off. like Ianto is still there so thats good and Jack so yea..

just wanted to get that off my chest.. lol

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Date:2008-04-19 18:13
Mood: blah

tim comes home today.thats always good.

went to the beach with jess yesterday got alittle sunburn on my back but whatever.
bored out of my mind lately..
i dont know what else to say..

OH and i really dont want to go back to school..

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Date:2008-04-08 16:21
Subject: =D
Mood: calm

life is finally getting better.

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Date:2008-02-26 14:29
Mood: okay

Mike broke up with me last night. im ok with it after a night of crying. I guess its because i relized that he wasn't right for me... whatever i dont care... im gonna just stay single and flirt bad...not that anyone would flirt with me in the first place but yea....

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Date:2008-02-25 19:52
Subject:im really bored...
Mood: confused

I don't even care. anything you've wanted to know, anything you think might upset me.

Personal, secret, random just do it.

[and yes, i did steal this from amanda,my sister.] =D

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Date:2008-01-25 18:29
Subject:just another day.
Mood: tired

midterms are over,thank god!

Mike and I are now dating. <3 Im so happy about it too. I liked him before Matt and when we broke up i started talking to him again and Im really glad I did. Andrew helped a bit too. =D  My Dad went to a Rascal Flatts concert. He had an extra ticket but i coulnt get over to Albany NY.=/ ohh well maybe next time.So ive been staying at my moms for 2 days now but i'll be here until monday.pretty neat but she gets annoying sometimes.Everyone always does. I've been begging my mother to let me get a belly button ring but she said maybe in the spring time.I've been looking at rings for the past 2 months.I think im a little bit obsessed.=D Jess's mom said she might get her one too so i wanna go with her so we can get it together. i've always wanted to get something with her,like a best friends kindof thing.If i cant get one im still going with her.

Im still grounded from the beginning from the month. It really sucks being the only one of my friends that gets grounded or discaplined. Jess,Andrew,Tim,and everyone else never gets grounded. like i mean yea sure i should have drank but i still had the guts to say that yes, i drank and i came home before it got worse. Did i get and slack? Did i not learn my lesson from getting sick and being misrable? yes i did learn my lesson but i still got grounded for a friggin month!!!! Its a joke.

Anyway,I've been bouncing around the fact that i should get a job.I made out some applications,but only gave one in.[Panera Bread] I want to apply to Journeys and Zumies. I really need a job for alot of reasons. I need to buy more clothes becuase i only have like three pairs of jeans that fit me and i need more. Im tired of asking my parents for money when they dont have it. My dad is pissing me off about it though,he says i need to dress up to apply. he think that its still like when he was younger. Its just like when i went to prom with andrew,he said that the boy should pay for everything. GET OVER IT DAD! i mean really if he payed for everything he'd be broke! prom is expensive and so is almost every high school dance.Speaking of every high school dance, ring banquet is coming up. I wanted to get a new dress but i think im just going to wear my really old on that no one has seen yet besides jess. Im really looking forward to getting my ring. Mike may be going with another girl. =/ shes a friend so its ok. I think this year is going to be alot different from the rest. Im dating the greatest guy ever and Im doing great in school.Hopefully getting a job and saving some money for the summer. I might be going to Ireland! Im also saving up for my future home at the end of next year.I want to live by myself or at least a good friend like jess or jen.. i would like to get an apartment,like a small one but big enough for at least 3. im looking at rooms already but i'll be lucky if i can leave.i'll be 18 so hopefully.
Im going now.my hands kind of hurt from all the typing,this is probably my biggest entry yet. =D   <3 Mike <3

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Date:2008-01-12 10:57
Subject:its better with butter! =D
Mood: okay

got drunk.
got grounded.

just wanted to say that.everything has been ok,i've been better. me and matt broke up. =/ i kindof expected it to happen. but on the other hand,school is great i made up all of my work and im handing things in on time.im hungary.i just had a little thingy of soup but im still starving. i think i have a stomach problem its weird. anyway amanda went to florida last wek and i really miss her.(i think something is wrong with me)=p but yea i wanna get my permit. i really hate not being able to drive or anything.ive been getting better at the online DMV tests. and yes i know im a loser but i really want to drive to school or to the mall or somewhere.So its supposedly going to snow on sunday into monday,maybe i can go to the DMV and get my permit on monday if i have no school! I doubt it etheir way.well going to watch Dr. Dolittle 3 weird already.... peace.

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Date:2007-12-29 14:26
Subject:hello livejournal
Mood: bored

wow,i havent updated for a longgg time.
Everything has been great. Right now im on christmas break from school and its been great. My boyfriend (matt) have been great.Yesterday i went to the mall at like 12 something and left at 9 30 pm ugh it was a very long day but it was fun.Today im being super lazy and staying in bed.
band is over and i miss it,i started doing winter guard but its getting really boring and i hate it just like i thought i would.i think im going to quit and just stay with band.

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Date:2007-11-07 14:53
Mood:extremly happy.

                I'm finally 16!!!!!

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Date:2007-07-29 11:40
Subject:longgg time.
Mood: okay

wow i havent updated in such a long time.
things have been going good.
i got a new bag that ive been wanting like forever.
new purse.
i love it!!!.

anyway, I have no boyfriend at this point which is good and bad at the same time. Shaelyn and Tims mom dont hate me anymore. that good.My sister got me a cell phone even though its prepaid its still nice to have one. I cant wait till band camp its gonna be so much fun. this year im doing the band and not the guard but the funny thing is that this is the one year that im not doing guard and pam is making the uniforms with the show for once. i mean wtf is that. but whatever. i get to be in band!! wooo im playing the bartone horn! its like a trombone but with valves.i gota a haircut it looks ok but it look better when i straiten it.but what ever.

im gonna go now cuz i gotta take a shower then do the hair.i'll be back later. byeeee

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Date:2007-07-09 22:07

life sucks ass.

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Date:2007-06-11 19:30
Mood: aggravated

so yea tyler is a douche.i broke up with him cuz hes an ass wipe,yea whatever.

john[[kid from school that i like]] is still kinda flirting with me.I like him so much but i dont want to hurt brandon anymore than i have.I mean yea im sure he is over it by now.plus i dont want to seem like a whore as a freshman i mean come on think about the rep.....yea i now.....

i am so mad! my mom is such a hypictrite.this sucks. she told me that if i did her yard[[weeds]] that she would give my 20 bucks... did i get it NO! she is pissing me off so fucking much it sucks

whatever i gotta go study for FINALS yay me.bbl

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